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Our Mission statement

Magda Green Design strives to be known as an influential women-led Interior Design Firm, both Nationally and Internationally that brings a classic touch to our designs while bringing a sense of culture, history, and diversity. By bringing  timelessness to our designs, we would achieve each space to feel a sense of cohesiveness, elegance, and movement. 

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You can change your schematic drawings up to 3 times. After 3 changes it will be an additional cost.

Typically it takes approximately two weeks to finalize the project. If it is new construction, this will take up to 4 weeks to complete. This all will depend on the client. If we are the applicant (there are cases where we are not), it may take up to 10 business days. This is not included in the package automatically. Once the schematic phase of your layout is approved , the designer will begin working on the drawing package. The next step is to submit the drawings to the License and Inspections Department. This will take up to 20 business days for the examiner to review the plans.


The License and Inspections Department decides when your project will be approved. Sometimes during the process, the city requires more information about the project which will delay the turnaround time. Multiple reviews can occur depending on the scope of the work. If it is a case where everything goes smoothly, expect up to 20 business days.

Magda Green Design provides expediting services. If this service is added to your project it is our job to gather all of the documents expected to be submitted to the License and Inspections department. The process depends on which package the client decides.

  1. Expediting Service ONLY

    When we’re only the applicant when the permit gets submitted to the city and the examiner comes back with the review, the expediter sends the review to the client and explain the items needed as per request from the examiner. Any paperwork and medication of the plan is the responsibility of the client to get everything completed. The client is responsible to send to the architectural company the examiner review and to any party. Magda Green Design will explains any paperwork needed. Until the client doesn’t send all requested items as per review from the examiner Magda Green Design won’t be able to submit the requested items.

  2. Expediting Service & Architectural Drawing

    Magda green design hired for both services. When the drawing is completed and all paperwork requested is complete Magda Green Design can submit the application.

    Either package has a turnaround time of up to 20 business days for review. We will then receive a revision from an assigned examiner of the License and Inspections department. Once this happens, we will complete the comments asked of us. The next step is to submit the corrections online to the Eclipse website which is a part of the License and inspections department . This process can take another 20 business days (this depends on the examiner). When the permit is ready to issue, we will pay the city of Philadelphia. After this, the permit will be ready to be issued. Please keep in mind that most of the time, we will get additional revisions depending on the examiner which will delay the turnaround time.


No, the Designer/Engineer ONLY communicates with the Contract signer. There are no exceptions.


When your property is under construction it is important to have a PE Licensed Engineer inspect your property in order to ensure everything documented on the plans is being performed correctly. Once Construction is complete the city inspector expects a signed Final Compliance form from the PE Licensed Engineer. This ensures that all duties expected were performed and completed in order to pass Final inspections

The site visit fee is a separate fee from your project. Once the site visit fee is paid it is not deducted towards any final Design cost.

The ZBA stands Zoning Board of Adjustment (Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections; Pennsylvania). If your property for any reason needs to go to the Zoning Board you will receive a refusal from the License and Inspections department. Once this is received a hearing date is sent and you are recommended to hire an attorney. If you’d Like Magda Green Design to attend any of the hearing meetings that is an additional cost.


Magda Green Design prides in completing your project in a three week time frame. Once a project is completed and submitted to the License and Inspections Department it is expected that a permit can be issued on average up to 2-3 reviews for the project to be reviewed. This also depends on the scope of work.

A CO which is a Certificate of Occupancy is obtained after a Building Permit is approved and issued as long as the property complies with all City Regulations. A Zoning Use Permit is simply the Use of the Space being Occupied. A Zoning Use can be obtained without a Building Permit. Keep in mind that a Zoning Use does not involve the ZBA.

Yes, we accept these forms of payment. We also charge a convenience fee each time you use these methods. The fee varies depending on your project total.  

Interior Design & Architecture. all in one.

Magda Green Design is a full-service interior design firm we offer space planning, elevations, details, renderings, and everything in between like kitchen/bathroom designs, home staging, decorating, and reconstruction services.

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