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Massachusetts Architecture and interior design.
Joint venture with local green design.

Massachusetts Architecture and Interior Design Firm

Our Massachusetts Architecture and Interior Design location.  We offer Commercial and Residential Designs, Construction Drawings, Home-Staging, 3D Rendering, Expediting services (submission of permit to the License and inspection Department), and Selection of Finishes.

Massachusetts Architecture

Magda Green Design, a full-service Architecture & Interior Design firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was founded in 2013 by Magdalis Melo. Our firm offers a complete range of services for our clients. Starting from the initial concept, we guide clients through installation and finishing touches. We help advise the space layout all while maintaining sustainability in the homes and workplace. As we work with developers, we supervise and select appropriate finishes and furniture that meets the preferences and needs of the client all while considering their budget and providing expedited services, ensuring our client’s satisfaction. We offer space planning, floor plans, elevations, details and renderings as well as kitchen / bathroom designs and pre-construction services, saving time and energy to getting your final outcome. 


Massachusetts Architecture and Interior Design Projects

Our Massachusetts Architecture and Interior design work connects culture, diversity, and timelessness in any space.


Magda Green Design is a full-service interior design firm we offer space planning, elevations, details, renderings, and everything in between like kitchen/bathroom designs, home staging, decorating, and reconstruction services.

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1511 Walnut Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phone: 267-804-7797