The Importance Of Architecture In Ukraine

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Currently, Ukraine is experiencing heartbreak within their country. Their cities are being invaded and destroyed at every second. Our hearts go out to the many families and citizens that this has affected.

While we may look at it from the surface level, it is important to look at this heartbreaking situation from a historic architecture standpoint. There are numerous historical buildings, pieces, and Architecture in Ukraine. Imagine these pieces being destroyed while this catastrophe is occurring. Let’s take a deeper look into this all.

Historic Buildings are scattered through every Country. These buildings represent different time periods and how far Architecture in Ukraine has come. Through many lifetimes, these buildings stand for citizens and tourists to take in and reflect on times before their existence. These buildings’ distinctive features, details, and designs help current day architects build and evolve to create a legacy for years to come.

While there has been an invasion occurring, it stops and makes us think about if Ukraine lost huge pieces of their history. Would it affect them? How would it affect them?

The answer is yes, this would affect what they have built within Ukraine and in a way erase the existence of history taken place. Tourists and Citizens won’t be able to take in and reflect on the true beauty Ukraine’s Historic Buildings have to offer. For example, The House of Scientists located in Lviv designed by the famous company Fellner and Helmer in 1898 is still widely known and used in present day. The House of Scientists is a casino that was created for Lviv’s elite during the time period it was built. There are 7 large halls in this building with multiple purposes. For instance, floor one is used for a beauty salon and the second floor is a conference room with a stage for performance purposes. There is even an underground restaurant called “Fellner and Helmer” for post meeting discussions and relaxation.

The significance of this building is how it captures the true essence of the 1890s with its details and features. This building was also before its time considering the then innovative multi-purposes of every room and hall. Tourists and citizens still bask in this building’s beauty after many decades of its existence. In fact, this location is widely known to be used for movies.

Imagine if these buildings are destroyed. A piece of Ukrainian history will be lost and will only be experienced through pictures. The timeless designs in this building are meant to be felt in person. To lose these pieces, would be a huge discouragement for Ukraine and architects present and future.

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